• Magnum Ultra Turbo can fill 3800 cigarettes per hour.
• Its have softness adjustment.
• Press product are made of hardened stainless steel.
• We give spare part and service guarantee for 2 years.
• Net weight is 37 Kilograms.
• Dimensions are 66x40x45.
• Your order will be at your address in 24 hours.
• İt can fill everykind of hemp and tobaccos.
• Dimensions of filter are 8x84mm King Size and 6.5×84 Slim Size.
• Our machine works with 220 V input 24 V output and 3 Ampers.
• You will need an addictional air compressor. Compressor specs are minimum 8 Bars 100 Liters (26 Gallons).
• We have CE certificate also European Eligibility Criterias.
• Our contact details are;
– +90 536 691 03 44

• We work with DHL Airway Express to transportation with insurance.

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